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Laboratory released test results (cooking trials conducted with both the traditional methods and an innovative method supported by special “ Magic Cooker” lids) performed on a sample of meat and a sample of fish. With a view to commenting on the strictly analytical results of such trials, we believe it is important to highlight further the important chemical, physical and assessments mentioned below, which were made during the cooking trials covering the above two samples while adopting the innovative method supported by the “Magic Cooker” Lids.

  • Fluids are always present in the cooking chamber throughout the cooking process.
  • The presence of fluids prevents food from sticking to the sides and bottom of the cooking vessel.
  • The cooking temperature remains constant without pressure variations within the cooking vessel.
  • During the cooking process the steam released is odorless. The lack of unpleasant odour emissions proves that during the cooking process the food does not undergo any variation that destroys its organoleptic features and the volatile components of any added dressings.
  • The cooking temperature that is kept constant does not reach the smoke threshold for fats. This preserves the foods properties and liposoluble vitamins without modifying, in particular, the unsaturated structure of fatty acids thus preventing the detrimental new formation of saturated fatty acids, acrolein, polymerization products, etc. as is normally the case with traditional cooking methods.
  • The constant temperature of the cooking vessel greatly reduces the production of singlet oxygen, a radicalic form of oxidation.

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