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We all know we should eat less fat, but how?

The answer is the Magic Cooker Lid. It's simple to use - use it as you would a standard saucepan lid. The unique design retains all the goodness. It's quick, efficient and the food still tastes great.

  • feel better
  • live longer
  • be more energetic

Independant studies have shown that using the Magic Cooker Lid retains more vitamins and nutrients because of the lower cooking temperatures than if you’d cooked food as you normally would. This is reason enough to use the Magic Cooker Lid because of the positive impact of all of that extra goodness in your diet - and yet you’re eating exactly the same foods as previously

Exciting news for dieters

Now you can cook foods you’re used to - without all the harmful fats. Magic Cooker Lid keeps more of the natural goodness contained in your foods.

The Magic Cooker Lid lets you eat more of the foods you love leaving food tasty, healthy and something all the family can enjoy. (Yes, no more separate meals for the dieter versus the rest of the family.)

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